True Partnership Experience

At Diversify, we actively seek out exceptional partners who run high-quality businesses. Our partners are leaders and founders who prioritize sustainable long-term growth, value creation, and consistency. They are not seeking affiliation with yet another private equity-backed aggregator. We are not constrained by economic incentives or fund guidelines that dictate how your organization should be operated or when it must be sold to the next firm. As advisors, entrepreneurs, and business operators ourselves, we have built an organization that is wholly dedicated to delivering a true partnership experience.

Clear Succession Plan

Advisors in the Diversify independent partnership program may eventually choose to sell a portion of their practice and become equity partners in our holding company. As our independent advisors seek to create a succession plan, monetize their practice, or hold equity in the Diversify organization, we offer a pathway whereby these partners may achieve these career objectives. Our objective is to construct a progressive career path that empowers our advisors to serve as appropriate stewards for the businesses they have worked so hard to create.

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